Sunday, April 19, 2015

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is going to continue to be an issue as long as the city leaders blindly approve development based upon flawed traffic studies.  The blind eye concerns the fact that the generally accepted traffic studies do not include the impact of bridge openings nor the traffic impacts from train crossing closings.  This may explain why traffic heading westbound at Palmetto Park Rd. or Yamato Rd. backs up onto I-95 when the TriRail train travels through the area.  This appears to be more impactful at the Yamato Rd. area as traffic backs up well onto the overpass approaching the westbound exit ramp during the morning peak travel periods.  This area is NOT expected to be improved with the changes in the intersection/addition of the Spanish River exit since these commuters are heading to businesses located in the business area of the Arivda Park of Commerce and the old IBM office complex, since renamed multiple times as more and more offices were leased and released.

It appears that it will take another election in order to change the makeup of city council so that residents can find accountability in their future leaders.

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