Monday, December 19, 2011

Environmental Update/Ocean Breeze-Boca Teeca

The environmental report requested by the FL DEP has been filed with the West Palm Beach office of the DEP as of early Dec. - This entire report is available online via the DEP's OCCULUS system.

While there was some significant discrepancies between the EPA/DEP testing results and the environmental firm hired by the property manager, the primary recommendation by the last report is for a deed restriction on the property area containing the golf course maintenance so that it is not developed nor used for any other purpose.

The DEP staff member has yet to review the latest report for the official DEP recommendations, but it would appear that with this recommendation by the environmental firm hired by the property manager to restrict other uses of the land, then it is unlikely that there will be any development of this specific site without significant remediation of the dirt in this area.

Meanwhile, the golf course continues to be a success under the management of the Arnold Palmer group that has been operating the Ocean Breeze Country Club since a receiver was approved in Jan. 2011. The property is still in foreclosure and it appears that the bank, Wells Fargo, is in no hurry to complete the foreclosure since they have not filed any new documents in several months with the county to complete the foreclosure process - started approx. March 2009