Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boca Teeca Environmental Cleanup Update

On June 14th Environmental Assessments & Consultants, Inc. was granted an extension until Nov. 30th to provide a site assessment on the environmental cleanup at the Ocean Breeze golf course. Florida DEP staff have indicated that the environmental testing was scheduled to begin on June 29th. Based upon these test results the testing will continue with the water monitoring in the area near the maintenance facility on the South golf course.

The correspondence with the FL DEP indicates that "the property owner (MCZ Centrum) has not been directly involved for some time and the property has been placed in receivership."

The property continues to be open for business as the Ocean Breeze Country Club and remains the only championship level golf course within the city that is open to the public. The receiver is affiliated with The Arnold Palmer Golf Course Management Co. and is operating the golf course under this management company. The foreclosure is still pending with recent court documents indicating that the owners and their principals have retained a new legal representative for their defense. Several MCZ Centrum developments in Florida are also in foreclosure with the recent foreclosure completion of a Boynton Beach property that was never developed.