Sunday, April 12, 2015

Development Approvals Have Finally Expired!

FINALLY, impacted residents in the Boca Teeca community must be pleased that the 12/11/07 development approvals & rezoning has expired effective 4/12/15.  The representatives of the MCZ Centrum development'a LLC were overzealous, to say the least, as they courted the senior citizens within the Boca Teeca community for 2 years with promises of a little more than $200/unit in exchange for their "assistance" in obtaining non-notarized signatures on consent forms to amend the deed restriction on a portion of the 200+ acre golf course surrounding the community. These developer representatives transported these senior citizens to the city meetings on the issue after providing complimentary food & drink, but when they could no longer fulfill their promises financially, the developers closed shop and abandoned the residents. 

Over a 7 year period many of the senior citizen supporters of this development have passed away or moved to nursing homes or closer to family during their final years.  Were these senior citizens unduly influenced by developer representatives in order to obtain their cooperation?

Over the past 7 years many of these long-time Boca Teeca residents who supported the past development have been replaced by a much younger demographic which often were unaware of the pending development on the country club property.  Many of these residents were unaware of the low $200/unit compensation that was accepted by their condo boards in exchange for throwing their neighbors under the bus driven by the now departed condo leaders.  These new residents are expected to be more long-term oriented and are not expected to be easily influenced by developers with promises of grandeur, as they realize that a potential for a 4-lane highway (NW 2nd Ave.) through their community will result in a significant decline in the residential nature of the community.

It is time for all residents in the Boca Teeca community to stand together regardless of what Wells Fargo bank decides to do with the property once the 5+ year foreclosure is finalized.  By standing together the residents should be influential in persuading the bank and the eventual buyers of the property to realize that over 2,000 residents are not going to be cooperative in making any changes that are detrimental to any portion of the Boca Teeca community, that is, operate a golf course and hotel as was originally intended and approved by the city when the Boca Teeca community was created.

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