Thursday, June 3, 2010

Foreclosure Update/MCZ Centrum on Boca Teeca Golf Course

There have been several extensions granted to MCZ Centrum in the foreclosure that was filed by Wachovia Bank on March 19, 2010. The docket for this court case shows a court order on March 26th "TO SHOW CAUSE WHY FINAL JUDGMENT OF FORECLOSURE SHOULD NOT BE ENTERED AND TO SHOW CAUSE WHY AN ORDER TO MAKE PAYMENTS DURING FORECLOSURE SHOULD NOT BE ENTERED - HEARING APRIL 29, 2010 AT 8:45 A.M. SEE ORDER DTD MARCH 26, 2010 PER JUDGE"

On April 29th an extension of time was granted with subsequent extensions also granted on 5/6. 5/20, 5/28 & 6/1. The next hearing is scheduled for 6/14/10 at 8:45am with Judge Sasser. As shown by the numerous extensions granted MCZ Centrum, the foreclosure process is often lengthy. So, unless the principals of MCZ Centrum are able to find a buyer of the property for an amount agreeable to Wachovia, it would appear that this foreclosure will drag-on for several months.

Thank You Sallie Friedman

At last week's Town Hall meeting held in the city council chambers, Boca Teeca resident Sallie Friedman spoke out regarding her concerns of increased traffic in Boca Teeca if Costco is allowed to add a gasoline station to their property. Traffic was consistently a major concern of Boca Teeca residents during the past 20+ years. Traffic was also a primary concern during the 2006 meetings held by representatives of the Ocean Breeze golf course who proposed a "forced left turn" onto Westbound Jeffrey St. in order to keep traffic from the proposed 211 townhouses off of NW 2nd Ave.

These representations were made by the developers during the numerous meetings with residents in order to sell the residents on the proposed development. During the presentations at the public hearings there were no suggestions of a "forced left turn" and the city approved an amendment to the traffic level of service within Boca Teeca so that this road could be allowed to handle the increased traffic from the new development.

Sallie Friedman was one of the few residents of Boca Teeca that spoke at the public hearings in support of the development which was increasing traffic within this residential community. Here are two questions regarding her traffic concerns in Boca Teeca:
1)Did she support the development's traffic impact as a result of the promised payment of approx. $25,000 to her condo association?
2)Would she change her opinion of the Costco proposal if they agreed to pay her condo assoc.?