Monday, March 30, 2015

Environmental Update/Arsenic on Ocean Breeze Property

The most recent environmental consultant reports submitted to the FDEP (Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection) indicates that the arsenic levels in the ground water near the current maintenance facility has not been declining over the past 2 years of required quarterly testing.  The 2 "hot spots" in the area have consistently been tested at 200-300 ppb (parts per billion) as compared to the FDEP approved levels of 10 ppb.  These "hot spots" are 20-30 times the acceptable levels and under the current monitoring program the FDEP has indicated that this site is not suitable for residential development.

Should a developer desire to build on this specific area of the south golf course, then the arsenic levels in the groundwater would be required to be reduced and there would normally be a process for requesting a deed restriction and this process normally takes more than 1 year.  With this type of major problem looming over the development site, how could the developer overcome these issues and maintain the previously approved site plan which lists residential development on this contaminated land.

The most recent quarterly samples were taken last week from the required sites on the property with the expected report with these results to be submitted to the FDEP by May 20th. 

It is certainly not very responsible of the City staff to recommend an extension of a development approval on a site that is clearly not safe for residential development.

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