Tuesday, March 31, 2015

4-Lane NW 2nd Ave. Coming to Boca Teeca?

Is the widening of NW 2nd Ave. in the Boca Teeca area coming after the city approval of the 2007 development on a portion of the golf course?

Of course the city has stated that the widening of this central roadway in this residential area is not on the official plans for city traffic, BUT with the increasing traffic creating a safety hazard for emergency vehicles it will be easy for the city to justify the widening of the road in the near future.  After all, what would residents rather have, a friend or family member at risk during a health emergency due to the inability of the paramedics to be able to reach them due to the traffic backups on NW 2nd Ave.  This is an easy justification for the city to widen this road since the condo residents did support the additional 200+ units to be constructed in the area so the residents must expect these additional trips will result in a more hazardous roadway that must be addressed for their own safety.

If you are concerned about traffic in Boca Teeca & Boca Raton, then let your city leaders know - see the contact information at the attached link:    https://bocawatch.org/pages/contact-info/

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